How To Set Up A Blog


So "What Is A Blog?
  * It’s like a personal diary
  * A blog is also a website
  * A landing page that connects to your online business
  * Online Business Card
  * It’s a way to promote products
  * A way to "Brand Yourself"

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So "Why Do I Need A Blog?
This is what we talk and train about. If you want to showcase your business or tell the world who you are and what you do, you need a blog.
Ask yourself this question, "where am I sending people to learn more about what I do?".

WHY is a BLOG important?
• Allow you to tell your story
• Drives more traffic to your website
• A way to capture emails

The most important reason why I feel you should have a blog is because you need a place where people can learn more about what you do, it allows you to share what you are passionate about and you can link everything back to your web portal. When it comes to blogs, there are two I would recommend Blogger and WordPress. Let me explain the difference.

** Blogger **
In all honestly, Blogger is a good blog software for those people who are just starting out.
Blogger is a simple user friendly way to get started blogging, I like to call it "Getting Your Feet Wet". It's a great place to start without having to spend a dime. Please keep in mind that you are very limited to design templates.

** WordPress **
WordPress is my favorite and it's what I use and recommend, however it can be a little bit confusing if you are looking to start it yourself so I will do my best to try to keep it simple for you. If you are serious about promoting your business without any limitations, I would definitely go with a WordPress blog. offers thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine and is the best in my opinion when it comes to SEO and generating traffic. is a web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog plus you can choose from hundreds of FREE designs plus get access to some state of the art designs as well.



Let me explain the difference between vs.

Option #1: You're basically renting your blog (
• It costs less.
• Easy to get started
• You don't have to worry about upkeep, storage and maintenance.

• Technically you don't own your blog and therefore have limited control
• You have a limited selection of designs to choose from. Optional themes or designs cost extra.
• has the right to refuse the content that's posted on your site
• Advertisement ads can be placed on your blog
• No outside plugins allowed
• You do not get your own domain name because it resides on their servers
• No FTP access

Option #2: You're owning your blog (
• You own it therefore you have complete control over everything
• No limits or rules to follow, you are the boss
• You have complete control of all the bells and whistles you choose to install on your blog.
• It's self-hosted since it resides on your server and you manage it yourself
• You get your own domain name
• You can brand yourself

• Requires a hosting company to host your blog
• It's a little bit more expensive.
• You are responsible for the updates
• A little more complex to set up vs. My recommendation
The bottom line is, I recommend a blog over a blog because with ( blog you can:

• You can do just about anything with your blog. You're limited to what you can do with your blog.

• Install as many plugins as you like to increase the functionality of your blog. You can't with a blog.

• Choose from any theme you'd like. You can't with a blog (you're limited to their small selection. Premium themes or designs cost extra).

• Use your own domain. You can't with a blog because it resides on their servers. ( vs. Your own domain helps build your brand.

At around $10 a month, it's a great way to promote your business.

Have Our Professionals Design Your Site
So, are you confuse yet? No worries, our team of designers and I have put together a package that will include your WordPress blog and set up. For a small fee, we will set up your blog and get you up and running. Plus we will be offering tutorials that will make blogging fun and easy to do. More details and pricing visit our website here.