Wine & Wellness Party

How To Conduct Your Own Wine & Wellness Party

Who wants to make some money!! This page provides information on how to run your own “Wine & Wellness Party” in detail. This is a great way to create some retail profit into your business. We’ll show you how simple it is for you to conduct one in your home and all the material you need is available online.

Wine & Wellness Product Downloads
* Wine & Wellness PowerPoint Slides (Thank you Seada for the slides) 
* Wine & Wellness Party Questionnaire 
* Top 10 Nutritional Products (And what they do) 
* Wine & Wellness Order Form (Which Kit is Right for You?) 

More Documents Here:

Helpful Tips
- Have someone other than you call your names list to confirm attendance
- Hand every guest a health survey on a clip board when they walk in, collect them prior to the event starting.
- Note: DO NOT hand out any other literature, catalogs, flyers, etc, until after they watch the video presentation.
- At the end of the Powerpoint mix Isotonix daily essential in front of your guests showing them how easy this process is and sample out into small cups for them to enjoy while watching the video
- While video is playing set the guests customer profile in your This will make it easy to place orders at the end. Every profile will default to America as the password and the log in is their email.
- Replace the clipboard with the product order sheet. Hand these out to the guest at the end of the video before your close. By using a clipboard the guest will be less likely to just fold up the paper and walk out without ordering.

Steps To Conduct A Wine And Wellness Party

This first video will help you conduct your own wine and wellness party in your home. It combines the six steps to healthy living, the wellness video and the daily essentials video. It’s a LIVE overview of one of the parties we conducted. Follow it as an example.


Step 1: Download the Wine & Wellness PowerPoint Slides
Step 2: At the end of the Powerpoint presentation, mix Isotonix for your guests to sample
Step 3: Play wellness video


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